By Dr D

How Dr D first started

Hi there!

Let’s cut to the chase; Why should you “Check the Leads?” Because it is the FIRST thing that you do when you find something that you were not expecting, It is the FIRST step in the asystole pathway, it’s where you go to find out what to do next. This site is for you!

I am a board certified emergency physician and EMS-junkie. I worked on the road for both private and fire service EMS agencies for several years before starting the long road to becoming a doctor. I love “working the road” and have been frustrated by the lack of communication and connection with our pre-hospital providers recently. I think we can do more, i think we can do better, I think we owe it to the PATIENTS who deserve that kind of commitment, dedication, and level of care that i know we as an entire healthcare system can provide.

What is the craziness all about anyways?

I created this site  as a means to open some of those avenues of communication. As a means of facilitating discussion, education, and hot topics for all levels of healthcare providers. From the first responder who activates the call to dispatch to the critical care intensivist physician who manages the patient in the ICU, if you see a description of how you practice medicine below, this site is for you!

  • first responder
  • fire fighter
  • law enforcement
  • EMT (basic, intermediate)
  • paramedic
  • nurse aide
  • patient care tech
  • nursing (LPN, RN, nurse practitoner, specialists at all levels)
  • physician (medical student, resident, attending, specialists at all levels)

Why Emergency Medicine? Several of you have asked why I chose Emergency Medicine. I suppose my short and easiest answer would be that they chose George Clooney over me for a role on the hit NBC series e.r. so this was the next best thing! Let’s be honest, we chose Emergency Medicine because we like the excitement of not knowing what is coming in the door next, to be the “jack-of-all trades” of medicine and being able to handle anything that everyone else would rather run away from. In fact, a mentor suggested i choose my specialty based on this decision-tree below. Now you know why i chose EM!

Emergency Medicine Residents on their EMS Rotation: you will need to click on the EMS ROTATION page at the top of the screen to get more information about your rotation curriculum and requirements

Please, sign up and visit this site often. I hope to post information frequently here and to serve as a reference for information and discussion.


Dr. D