By Dr D


  1. Mike Roman says:

    Dr. D.
    Very difficult to log-in for field medics. I had to make up info for some of the fields, maybe as a suggestion you can change the “mandatory” fields for the different types of jobs.

  2. Dr D says:

    is anyone else using the nasal fentanyl? what dose? how has it worked?

  3. mroman says:

    Hey JD how about a little plug for Delta fire and St. Baldricks?

  4. Liz says:

    Dr D. I was wondering the best to learn how to read an ekg. Is there material I can buy to read or good instructional website? Also xrays and CT studies?! Or does that just come with experience?

    • Dr D says:

      it comes with experience, but there is always the BRIGHT orange EKG book by Dr Dubin; it is considered the EKG standard, but i left an EKG guide for all the scribes in the scribe locker — you just need to share it

  5. Joe Brown says:

    Just took a lecture for the police dive team and it was fantastic. I
    ‘ve taken med class through dive organizations but they paled in comparison with Dr. Dery’s course.