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I LOVE being Core Faculty at an Emergency Medicine Resident conference days like this! Today we are going to participate in a table-top exercise for a “small” mass casualty event. The goals of this exercise are to stimulate some discussion and education about how our ED reacts to an event like this. Special thanks and shout […]

It’s that time everyone!  It’s going to be a very busy day so come prepared to work hard and learn from the best. You’ll never get another chance to do this during your EM residency

Orientation Day….

Posted: 29th June 2015 by Dr D in Lectures, opinion, Residents, Training

excuse me Dr?…..Dr?…..Doctor!!! That’s right everyone, today is the start of the new year for graduate medical education. I had the chance to speak to all the new physicians starting their medical careers today at Sparrow Health Systems. Don’t forget the most important part of a code is what you document (“if you didn’t write/type […]

International EMS experiences

Posted: 17th March 2015 by Dr D in EMS Rotation, opinion, Residents

I wanted to take a min and give a shout out to Dr. Khattab who just completed his EMS rotation. He had the exceptional opportunity to spend some time EMS services in Saudi Arabia and some education opportunities with the Red Crescent (similar to Red Cross organization: click here to learn more) Thanks for sharing […]

On March 23rd, Sparrow will be implementing new ET Tubes with a continuous suction evacuation lumen. This change will only impact ET Tube sizes 7.0, 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5. Halyard Representatives will be available from March 1st-March 20th and would like to provide brief in-services (10-15 minutes) to the ED providers and residents. –> click […]

There is a great article that i recommend for all of our newer residents and students. Everyone knows that I loved the book House of God by Samuel Shem and i almost always refer to it when i am speaking to my pre-Med groups and recommend it for all the students that are considering medicine as […]

“Ah, he just has diarrhea again” Well, there is nothing that gets this ER Doc excited more then a good outbreak of something…especially when it is a third world intestinal parasite raging through the midwest! No, this is not as exciting as one of the Dan Brown novels about raging outbreaks that will destroy humanity, […]

Lectures are traditionally given in front of a large group with one speaker going on for about an hour or so. It has been scientifically proven that we all learn in different ways. Perhaps sitting in a lecture hall is not the best way for you to learn. Take this test and figure out which […]

That is right folks, we did it….we took a large group of ADULTs and had them sample five (5) of the most commonly prescribed children’s liquid antibiotics as a taste test. Why would I encourage this behavior? This silliness? (no we were not bored!) because if you want your pediatric patients to actually take the […]

Ortho teaching cases

Posted: 30th September 2012 by Dr D in Attending Practice, Residents, Scribes, Training

Thanks to Dr Anna Halbeison for reccomending this great site for orthopedic cases and self-education! click here