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I LOVE being Core Faculty at an Emergency Medicine Resident conference days like this! Today we are going to participate in a table-top exercise for a “small” mass casualty event. The goals of this exercise are to stimulate some discussion and education about how our ED reacts to an event like this. Special thanks and shout […]

That’s right, the State of Michigan has approved the iGel Airway as an optional airway device (shown below) for ALL LEVELS of EMS. Want more information? Click here for the company website or copy and past this link: Want more information? Click here for the company website or copy and past this link:

October 14th, 2017 – Mark your calendars I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about a great upcoming charity event that is going to be held at one of the local Gyms in Dewitt. Two of my favorite groups: Fire fighters and Law Enforcement going head to head to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy […]

Delhi FD Airway Lecture

Posted: 17th March 2017 by Dr D in Airway, CME, FireFighters, Lectures, Paramedics

Hello everyone: this last weekend I was lucky enough to teach airway skills for an hour at the Delhi Fire Department CE Blitz (Thanks again to Lt Brett Justice for inviting me back again!) we did a great pig heart/lung dissection as well as practice emergency crich’s on the pig tracheas. A few people had […]

At, we guarantee 12 lead EKGs in 60-mins or less 60 mins??? All we have is sixty minutes? It is going to have to be high speed/low drag today at the 5th annual Critical Events Workshop at Ionia Intermediate School District. I’ll be presenting (2) of my favorite lectures condensed into 30 mins each […]

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Taking care of patients with an acute myocardial infarction is tough; but how can we improve this process? “WE” as a healthcare system share the responsibility to identify, transport, treat, and discharge these patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are a LOT of moving pieces to this puzzle. Lets look at some of the current […]

This was forwarded to me and the original authors gave me permission to re-post it; this is a MUST if you are and outdoor enthusiast and working on your Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine We would like to invite all emergency medicine residents in the State of Michigan to the Michigan Regional Wilderness Medicine Rounds.  It will […]

Prehospital To Trauma Team Handoff: A Solution I’ve written about handoffs between EMS and the trauma team over the past two days. It’s a problem at many hospitals. So what to do? Let’s learn from our experience in the OR. Best practice in the operating room mandates a specific time out process that involves everyone in the […]

At Delta Fire Department today with the on-shift guys and getting a GREAT lecture on documentation from Dr Nordlund. I think that there is a LOT that we need to learn from chart reviews like this; when was the last time that you look at your charts with a critical eye? Oh, by the way […]