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I LOVE being Core Faculty at an Emergency Medicine Resident conference days like this! Today we are going to participate in a table-top exercise for a “small” mass casualty event. The goals of this exercise are to stimulate some discussion and education about how our ED reacts to an event like this. Special thanks and shout […]

time to talk about it….its just been approved in TriCounty now as an optional medication. RebelEM had a great post about it recently (click here) and several good articles as well that were included on the recent journal club for EMS Residents as well that I have included here as well. Click on all three […]

What is EMS Medicine?

Posted: 16th November 2017 by Dr D in opinion

Was asked the other day what is EMS/PreHospital Medicine for doctors? – after I thought a min, my go to answer is, “Practicing EM outside the 4-walls of an Emergency Department” EMS Physician Flight Physician Tactical Physician Event Medicine Disaster Medicine Austere/Wilderness Medicine Mass Gathering Medicine Research & Publications Then again, I might have to […]

Last month we had some articles about the heat and the humidity as well. This month we are going to focus a bit more on conducted energy weapons (aka Tazers – but it is a brand name so I’m trying to be generic) These have been in the news recently in conjunction with individuals that have been […]

Orientation Day….

Posted: 29th June 2015 by Dr D in Lectures, opinion, Residents, Training

excuse me Dr?…..Dr?…..Doctor!!! That’s right everyone, today is the start of the new year for graduate medical education. I had the chance to speak to all the new physicians starting their medical careers today at Sparrow Health Systems. Don’t forget the most important part of a code is what you document (“if you didn’t write/type […]

For those of you who don’t know me well, I love the movie Patch Adams with Robin Williams! In fact, it was one of the main influences in my decision to practice medicine (and in homage i proudly copied him by walking down the aisle at my medical school graduation with my red clown nose) […]

Vasopressin woes continue…

Posted: 8th May 2015 by Dr D in opinion

Just my opinion…… I am sure you have heard through the grapevine that there has been a change in vasopressin (maybe not).  A drug company has received approval from the FDA to market vasopressin under the brand name Vasostrict with the following indication: to increase blood pressure in adults with vasodilatory shock (e.g., post-cardiotomy or […]

International EMS experiences

Posted: 17th March 2015 by Dr D in EMS Rotation, opinion, Residents

I wanted to take a min and give a shout out to Dr. Khattab who just completed his EMS rotation. He had the exceptional opportunity to spend some time EMS services in Saudi Arabia and some education opportunities with the Red Crescent (similar to Red Cross organization: click here to learn more) Thanks for sharing […]

Jimmy Kimmel tells it like it is….

Posted: 1st March 2015 by Dr D in Discussion, opinion

I typically am not a fan of TV personalities taking a stance on medical issues. Usually i feel that they play to the hype of the popular media. HOWEVER – i greatly agree with and appreciate Mr. Jimmy Kimmel’s recent rant on immunizations. Thanks for calling it what it is and saying what the majority of physician […]

chemical restraints in the ED

Posted: 20th February 2015 by Dr D in Attending Practice, opinion

Recent surveys and studies have shown just how much abuse happens to ED staff while at work. I’ll be honest, I find myself having to use chemicals to augment someone’s behavior and poor compliance because they are directly threatening me, my staff, or other patients in the ED frequently. ACEP just put out a quick […]