Great medical control question posed by Dr Lobel from NY:

We got an on line medical control call for a patient with a seizure in the airport, just before getting on a 14 hour flight. She was well within her rights to refuse medical assistance, but what would you do regarding allowing her to board the flight?

here’s one opinion posted:

The IATA guidelines (International Air Transport Association, which most US airlines follow) state you need a note from a physician with experience in aviation medicine if you have a seizure within 24 hours of your flight. No seizures within 24 hours and well controlled epilepsy does not require a physician note. In this case, you would have to let the person know that they need a note from a physician to fly. Because of the ADA act, airlines are only allowed to limit flughts if they feel that the liekylhood of a person completing a flight safely is in question (or suffers from a communicable disease that may put other passengers at risk, and a few other reasonable restrictions).

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