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Well, you guys (and gals!) survived one set of my lectures and not too  many fell asleep. Other then a few noise complaints, i think the day went well. You can download some abbreviated notes and selected slides by clicking here I cannot get the PDF to attach to this link, i will have Sgt […]

ATTENTION ALL EMS PROVIDERS…. Have you been keeping up with all the new proposals and house bills that are being presented to the Michigan Legislature in the last few weeks? YOU SHOULD! It’s going to effect the way that you practice (and new fees that have been suggested too) in the State of Michigan. Here […]

Congratulations to the hard work from the Delta Fire Department to get the new CyanoKit training up and running. They recently made national news on the front page of the FireSmoke.Org website that announced the use of this new medication and the new atmospheric monitoring equipment on the fire ground to protect the public and […]