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The shooting and AVI (active violent incident) at the Naval Yards yesterday (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM CNN) just puts all the recent escalation of violence front and center in everyone’s mind. What is your department ready for? What if this happens in your ED while you are on the phone trying to get […]

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to get your CME? Join us at Sparrow Hospital Auditoroum on Friday, November 8th for the 1st Annual Critical Care Conference from 0800-1700 in the Sparrow Auditorium. This is targeted for the registered RNs and Paramedics in our community who want to learn more and have some […]

There is a great article that i recommend for all of our newer residents and students. Everyone knows that I loved the book House of God by Samuel Shem and i almost always refer to it when i am speaking to my pre-Med groups and recommend it for all the students that are considering medicine as […]

Good morning everyone: Some of you may not have been able to attend the meeting this morning but there are IMPORTANT changes that you need to be aware of regarding the new STATEWIDE PROTOCOLS that are in effect as of June 2013. –> REMEMBER – There is a copy of the Tri-County Protocols at the […]