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we hear about them all the time on the news or other media. someone goes “postal” and starts shooting at a place of business, local movie theater, or a school and try to inflict as much damage and death as possible in a very short time period. these events cause a lot of issues for […]

There can be only one! (i could not resist throwing in a Highlander reference for all my fellow movie geeks out there) That’s right folks, Sparrow Hospital has been chosen to help host the Fire Smoke Coalition’s next presentation here in Michigan. Mark your calendars for August 25 & 26th. There will be a hand’s on […]

“Doc, i swear, this guy has no pulse but he is awake and talking to me. Is this that zombie thing that you have been telling me is going to happen???” Actual words from one of my providers (no worries, i won’t name names!) when they first encountered a patient with an LVAD (Left Ventricular […]

Lectures are traditionally given in front of a large group with one speaker going on for about an hour or so. It has been scientifically proven that we all learn in different ways. Perhaps sitting in a lecture hall is not the best way for you to learn. Take this test and figure out which […]