Finally…There is some warmer weather here in Michigan (actually, there is way too much flooding going on around my house but i guess that snow has to go somewhere!)

In order to meet the growing interest for Wilderness Medicine topics, the Michigan State University Emergency Medicine Residency program will have a WMS-themed lecture/lab tomorrow on April 23rd, 2013 at the Grand Ledge Park. Several topics will be covered including some rope safety and rescue techniques by Dr Jeff Hirschi (he has several years experience in search and rescue operations in the mountains in Idaho, etc), overnight and outdoor survival by Dr Brian Young (who has spent many nights on the couch and the front porch after getting thrown out of the house by his wife) and yours truly, Dr John Dery, covering splinting, carrying, and cervical collar techniques (authority only because i have broken so many bones doing STUPID things my wife told me NOT to do)

Here is a copy of my handout for tomorrow’s lab and I will make sure to post some pictures as soon as we can. Final handout for splinting

Hope to see you there and DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!






  1. lafavej says:

    It was awesome to attend this as a medical student. I really enjoyed learning about innovative splinting techniques, a the quick brush up on the physics of rigging a rescue line. I hope you’ll consider inviting us to more events, or even journal clubs, in the future.

    Thanks again,