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There is a great article in the March 2013 ACEP Newsletter. Our own Dr. Diana Nordlund added quite a bit of good insight into informed consent topic. You can catch the rest of the LegalEase section on page 12 of this month’s ACEP News. Great job Dr. Nordlund!

great new article that was just published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. Education On Prehospital Pain Management: A Follow Up Study French, Scott C.; Chan, Shu B.; Ramaker, Jill I think everyone who has ever given a push of morphine or fentanyl in an ambulance or other pre-hospital care situation should read it…we […]

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Star Trek has become a new reality

Posted: 14th March 2013 by Dr D in opinion, Training, Uncategorized

Do you remember the first time you saw a Star Trek episode? The first time you saw Spock running around with this tricorder and scanning everything? There is a new technology that is appearing on the horizon and you could be seeing soon at a mall or somewhere else. Check this out: CLICK HERE FOR […]

it came, it went, and there was NO HAIR left after the Delta Firefighter’s “took it all off” for the St Baldrick’s fundraising for children with cancer. Congrats to “my boys” who went to the extreeme to help children.