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just saying….

Posted: 17th July 2012 by Dr D in opinion

PERC Rule – for all the new Interns

Posted: 16th July 2012 by Dr D in Lectures, opinion, Training

Hi everyone: It is July and with the start of the new academic year, all the new MSU Emergency Medicine Residents are being subjected to my on-going torture and non-stop scavenger hunts in the department for equipment. So for all the new-bies who were stuck listening to my ranting and raving about the PERC rule […]

well, i tweeted earlier today about how to diagnose an MI when there is a LEFT bundle branch block. I have to say that Dr. Adam Greenblatt was the first one to get back to me in a record time too….Way to go Adam! So here is a great link to a website that Dr. […]

Scribes! What are these surgeries???

Posted: 1st July 2012 by Dr D in Scribes

So i am blaming Ms. Megan O’Malley (call sign: Muffassa from the voluminous hair) for this one….what are the following procedures: cholecystectomy? CABG? pneumonectomy? appendectomy? so since you now know what they are; now you need to find out what kind of surgical scars they leave… 😉