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Thank you for inviting me to speak today at the Ionia EMS Education day. As suggested, I am going to add a few references here and other resources for you in case you want to have more information at your fingertips. State Burn Coordination Center website: (thank you Jani for the suggestions and the website as […]

Toxicology at it’s best!

Posted: 24th April 2012 by Dr D in Attending Practice, Discussion, opinion, Video

Sometimes, you just need to have a few mins to laugh a bit. When i was first starting out in EMT School, we learned about ipecac and how it was used to eliminate potentially toxic materials that may have been ingested. Since then, IT IS NO LONGER INDICATED AT ALL TO INDUCE VOMITING AND IS […]

Physicians, nurses….has it been a while since you have been in the field? The CDC has provided some resources for you (including an iphone app as well). You can find out more about it by clicking on this link here.  

This was a 24-month study that was completed from Sept 2009 until Aug 2011 that provided a detailed description of that Nation’s EMS systems (the first study of it’s kind too) follow this link here: to access it.

I would like to thank the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s Emergency Medicine Interest Group for inviting me to speak with them on April 3rd at the Radiology Auditorium. We laughed, we cried, there were small children sacrificed (well, maybe not THAT crazy) We spoke about several job opportunities within the specialty of […]