This is a “first glance” EKG. That means, that at the first glance you immediately have a sphincter spasm when you see it.

"I think i have GERD Doc, i am sure it is nothing"


Click on the link below to take this quiz and drop me a note to answer the following questions.

(1) what is the problem?

(2) where is the problem?

(3) what is the next step (or definitive treatment)?

Let me know what you think.

– Doc D

  1. Thaddeus says:

    Anteroseptal MI, v2, v3,v4 ST elevation, reciprocal changes III & AVF. ? poor R wave progression at v3. Occlusion of LAD (widowmaker). Treatment, MONA, ace inhibitor cardioprotective, beta blocker if tachy and/or hypertensive. Vasodilators to reduce workload on heart .Heparin bolus 4000 units, Thrombolytics if cath lab unavailable. PTCA asap. CABG if warranted (3 vessel disease, high degree of occlusion LAD and/or structural damage).

  2. hinklem says:

    HR approx. 50, normal axis, Agee with Thad > ST elevation in V1, V2, V3, V4, anteroseptal wall MI. = LAD occulsion.
    Treatment: Assessment, including heart tones, lab, cardiac markers, CXR, MONA, consider beta blocker and or Ace, (heart rate 50), may hold for now..Heparin, #1 – Early repolization.

  3. hinklem says:

    I mean early revascularization. 🙂